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Fixed High Quality Proof Of Stake Coin

Next generation proof of stake coins will lead the way in the next crypto currency revolution and 100 coin wants to play a role in this fun and exciting future. Mine bitcoins and altcoins for almost no money starting out! No cloud mining scams needed. Introducing:

Want To Mine Bitcoins But It’s Too Hard And Expensive?

One of the greatest challenges of mining bitcoin is the difficulty in acquiring cheap, low power use mining machines to print your digital cash with. Proof Of Stake has ALWAYS been the best alternative to things such as cloud mining, out of stock Antminers, and any other obstacle that prevents you from mining your slice of the digital pie.

ONE coin was designed as a low cost, lower power, low-income friendly solution to mining bitcoins. Mine this altcoin, sell it on an open exchange, and get the crypto currency of your choice. Most choose bitcoin, litecoin, or the famed Dogecoin.

Predictable And Stable Price

With a fixed reward of just 100 One coins and a variable block time of 1 to 10 minutes, the max coins generated per day is only 6,000 OR LESS. This is 240x (Two hundred forty!) times less than Bean Cash aka Bit Bean. This ensures steady satoshi and bitcoin prices for your 100 coins! Plan for the future, invest in today! Get started and download the wallet, and get staking now!


  • Version 3.0 Proof Of Stake Algorithm
  • Scrypt
  • 4 Hour Min Stake Age
  • UNLIMITED Max Stake Age
  • 5 Fixed PoS Block Rewards
  • UNLIMITED Max Supply
  • 1 To 10 Minute Block Target Time
  • 2 Minute Or 2 Block Difficulty Retarget Time
  • Coinbase Mint Maturity Time 25 Blocks
  • Transaction (TX) Confirmations Time 10 Blocks

With the ability to mint a flat, fixed, and fair 100 coins, anyone can stake if they are willing to leave their wallets online or in a staking pool. Join the crypto currency future and start staking today!




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